Welcome to Red Canoe Farms

March 13, 2019 update

Several people have asked how the bushes are faring in this late and near record breaking snow fall. I think the buds are doing well. We have not had any significant warm temperatures that would start buds breaking out of dormancy. Rather, we have had steady cold. The cold has not been extreme; in fact, snow drifts in the field serve as good insulation.

Lingering  snow means we get to linger in the house, taking care of odd jobs, like repainting a bathroom and replacing some light fixtures. But when snow waves its goodbye, we'll be hustling down the rows, pruning old growth, weaker canes and thinning fruit buds so you can pick some more great berries in July. I can almost taste those Spartans now. 


First, please be careful pulling into and leaving our driveway--Highway 53 is very busy with lots of traffic going fast! 


U-Pick Hours:  This year we will post opening dates as berries ripen. Please watch this website or Facebook or Instagram.


Prices: U-Pick. $2.50/lb. (plus tax)We-Pick. $4.00/lb. (plus tax) We are happy to pick berries for you. Please call ahead with your order to give us time to pick.

We have picking buckets for you to use and liners to carry home your blueberries. Fully ripe berries are approaching a dark purple color. Please pick carefully! Our bushes have easily breakable branches.

Children should remain with a responsible adult. No dogs please; no smoking. 

Watch for bees and uneven ground.

Red Canoe Farms is a working farm. During your visit you may see us putting up hay, mowing the grass rows in the blueberry field, etc. Enjoy your visit!